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The Mission of Battle Buddy 4 Life, LLC is to assist ALL Veterans to receive counseling in order to prevent our Veterans from becoming another 22 Per Day Statistic.  We have partnered with well over 650 counseling centers nationwide in order to get our Veterans who are suffering from PTSD into counseling within a 1-3 Day Turn Around time.  We pay for no more than the First 5 Co-Payments of counseling in order to get more Veterans and/or their families into counseling.  We pay this in order to take away the excuse of “Not having the money for counseling right now.” 

In addition to the counseling, we also help file VA Claims, Help families whose family member(s) served file for VA Benefits in which they are entitled, We order entire Military Personnel Records and Medical Records if needed, and We order awards and decorations that were lost, misplaced, or never issued for those that would like to have them.  

As much as we would like to assist every Veteran that needs help, we DO NOT provide monetary assistance.  We have other organizations listed on this site, that do provide the monetary assistance needed.

It is our dedication to our Veterans that we will never leave a Veteran Behind.


 Being a Veteran is more than just a title – It’s something that is deeply ingrained into every part of who we are – it’s a way of life. The bond that is formed through service cannot be broken – nor is it confined to those you served directly with. It is our mission at All Things Veteran to bring together and strengthen this veteran community for all of its members. 


This idea for All Things Veteran started with two buddies who wanted to give back to the veteran community.

We grew up together in a small Eastern Utah town called Price – and have been best friends since our teenage years.

I (Jacob) bring with me a rich military background – which includes my own service.

I (Darron) have been a long-time supporter of the military – and bring with me the civilian perspective.

The balance we both bring gives strength to All Things Veteran – as both veterans and their supporters are an important to this community.


 We Got Your Six is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless Veterans rebuild their lives and redevelop their self-confidence. Helping them get back on their feet and back to living a solid stable meaningful life.​​ 


To help the homeless veterans of the WORLD to get off the streets and reconnect with the society and their loved ones.

In the military, “got your six” means “I’ve got your back.” The saying originated with World War I fighter pilots referencing the rear of an airplane as the six o’clock position. If you picture yourself at the center of a clock face, the area directly in front of you is twelve o’clock. Six o’clock is what lies behind you. On a battlefield, your “six” is the most vulnerable. So, when someone tells you that they’ve “got your six,” it means they’re watching your back. By extension, that person expects you to have their back as well. “Got your six” is now a ubiquitous term in the military that also highlights the way military members look out for each other. 

According to a Department of Veterans Affairs study each day over 20 veterans take their own lives. It take a community to heal a warrior. Join Mission 22 to let our vets know that they have an army behind them. 

 Your donation dollars assist us in getting Veterans treatment when they need it the most, RIGHT NOW!!!!! 


 Heroes Pay Zero is a not for profit Real Estate Network designed to connect our local heroes with committed and experienced Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals willing to assist with buying or selling property at the lowest possible cost. We are not a Real Estate or Mortgage Company. 



We believe that A Warrior’s Oasis can be that place where service members, veterans, and their families from all service branches can get away from the daily chaos and noise to relax. The concept is to create a natural, relaxing environment away from any stressors. From relaxation, sleep, and therapies, the hope is that new neural pathways can be developed to support coping with PTS. AWO’s goal is to provide that environment where service members and veterans, with or without their families, have a place where they can decompress. PTS tends to cause much strife and anxiety in families of those who suffer. A Warrior’s Oasis will offer programs where families and couples can receive therapies from counselors and practitioners who have experience with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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Throughout the history of this great nation, war has taken a HUGE toll on our veterans. The physical damage, mental and emotional issues (PTSD) can result in a veteran becoming: unemployable, losing a marriage, isolated, homeless and (We Pray Not) suicidal.

With a suicide death rate of 22 per day and unemployment rate reaching over 30%, the facts are in… our veterans need help they are not getting!

Green Zone Housing provides permanent housing to our homeless and at-risk veterans.  Our new members will  be project managers of their own home construction. The cost of building these houses is minimal as they will be made from shipping containers.  All the veterans have to pay to earn their homes is “Sweat Equity.”

While constructing these new homes, veteran project managers will be exposed to various trades such as welding, plumbing, electrical, and finishing work.  Each home owner will then assist incoming veterans to build their homes, which will collectively become a Green Zone Community.




BattleForged Nation (BFN) began with a group of seasoned combat Veterans who made it their new mission to attack the tragic trend of Veteran suicide with the same fervor they targeted evil in combat.  Veterans in BFN’s volunteer force identify Veterans exhibiting key risk factors leading to hopelessness and suicidal ideations. Immediately intercept them, and walk alongside the veterans to resolve the crisis. Where we can HELP them in crisis, lead them to any resources needed so they can HEAL and ultimately enable them to SHARE their victory with others who have faced similar battles.

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The REBOOT Alliance exists to help veterans, first responders and their families heal from the moral and spiritual wounds associated with service-related trauma.

We do this through our groundbreaking trauma healing courses – REBOOT Combat Recovery andFirstline, which provide a unique blend of clinical insight with Christian faith-based support. Our courses are private and peer-led, inclusive of the entire family, and offered at no cost to participants.

The REBOOT Alliance is headquartered near Fort Campbell, KY, where it was founded in 2011 by occupational therapist Dr. Jenny Owens and her husband, Evan. What began as a small group meeting in the Owens’ home has expanded to hundreds of courses and thousands of graduates across the U.S. and around the world.

 AT&T Veterans is an independent organization of AT&T employees and retirees dedicated to serving the veteran/military community. We value and appreciate the sacrifice our military men and women provide for our country each and every day allowing us all a better and safer place to live and grow. 

 Our vision is to be the world's best corporate servant of veterans, their families, and our community. Help support our mission today by donating to our cause. 

Honoring Our Military Everywhere (H.O.M.E)


 We are a non-profit organization supporting our military and veterans. We send care packages to our Veterans who are hospitalized due to injury or illnesses. We send care packages overseas to our men and women deployed. 

Friends in Service of Heroes



Nothing is more fundamental to our country than the freedom these Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen provide.
Our programs will improve the quality of life of our troops, our veterans and their families. 
Our Service Members serve with devotion and dedication and uncommon courage.  However, they experience the same day-to-day challenges and concerns as do all good citizens.  We have found that many are reluctant to ask for help - even for the benefits they have earned.  It is part of their ethos and training that drives them to focus on others first, not themselves.  


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100% of all donations go to the Charities that we support. We can not reach the goals that we have set forth for each Charity without your donations. 

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